Entry Instructions

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Instructions on how to enter an image into a competition.

There are three steps to enter an image into a competition.

  1. Fill out the entry form for each image and click Submit.
    1. Entry form can be found at,  (Competitions-Enter Competition-Entry form)
  2. Send digital images as attachments to the club competition email address.
    1. Images must be attachments.
    2. Images must be a maximum of 1600px wide x 1200px high.
    3. Email address will be sent to all members by email before the competition and available from the any committee member.
    4. Remember to include PDIs of your prints for display with the print.
    5. Filenames must comply with the Competition Secretaries instructions.
    6. Depending on your provider limits several files can be sent in one email.
  3. Hand in your print(s) on the designated night.