Winning entries

Winning entries list and Individual Scores (Current Session)

Falkirk Camera Club held their #1 Monthly Competition on Thursday 11th October.
The competition was judged by Rod Wheelans FRPS, MFIAP, MPAGB, HonPAGB, HonSPF, FIPF, who is a member of Dumfries Camera Club.

The top three placings in the Mono, Colour and Projected Digital Image categories are as follows.

“B” Mono Print
3rd “Grazing” by Paul Morgan
2nd “Hendrix Who” by Dave Ferguson
1st “MMA Fighter” by Dave Ferguson

“A” Mono Print
3rd “Schools Out” by Davy Miller
2nd “Glenfinnan” by Davy Miller
1st “Deep In Thought” by Doug Ross

“B” Colour Print
3rd = “A Walk On The Beach” by Arlehne Stewart
3rd = “Halt or I’ll Shoot” by Peter Graham
2nd = “Selfie Time” by Peter Graham
2nd = “Together” by Norrie Robb
1st “The Story” by Davy Miller

“A” Colour Print
3rd “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Joan Clarke
2nd “Wolverine Climbing Tree” by Davy Jones
1st “Faded Beauty” by Agnes Clark

“B” Projected Digital Image
3rd = “Who’s Looking At You” by Arlehne Stewart
3rd = “Fathers Love” by Dave Ferguson
2nd = “Intense Focus” by Heather Boyd
2nd = “Tokyo Reflected” by Elaine Woodward
1st “Going Home” by Michael Cox
1st “Going Home” by Michael Cox – 2 mentions as I missed speaking his name out last night

“A” Projected Digital Image
3rd = “Sunflower Peekaboo” by Vicki Macleod
3rd = “Beware Monkey Business” by Geof Longstaff
3rd = “Brown Bear Running” By Davy Jones
2nd “Kestral Eating Mouse” by Davy Jones
1st “MusicMan” by Allistair Keane.

Thanks to all the “First Time Contributors” and all other members who entered images for our #1 Monthly Competitions.
Congratulations to those who were placed.

On Thursday 8th November the club held it’s 2nd Monthly Competition and was judged by Peter Paterson, FRPS, MPAGB, MFIAP. Peter is a member of Stirling Camera Club and Edinburgh Photographic Society.

Below are the placed Results

“B” Section Mono Print
• 3rd Dunfermline by Sandra Strzyz
• 2nd Macy Chocolate Labrador by Paul Morgan
• 1st Hendrix Who by Dave Ferguson

“A” Section Mono Print
• 3rd= Madrid Reflection by Davy Miller
• 3rd= Not Sure by Doug Ross
• 2nd Grey Heron Scratching by David Jones
• 1st Museum Staircase by Nancy MacArthur

“B” Section Colour Print
• 3rd Waterside Abode
• 2nd Leap by Dave Ferguson
• 1st The Piano by Davy Miller

“A” Section Colour Print
• 3rd Aquiligia Firecracker by Joan Clarke
• 2nd= Magnolia Blossom by Nancy MacArthur
• 2nd= Brown Bear in the Rain by David Jones
• 1st African Jacana by David Jones

“B” Section Projected Digital Images
• 3rd= Lauretta by Dave Ferguson
• 3rd= The Mountains Awaken by Heather Boyd
• 2nd Lucy by Dave Ferguson
• 1st Sunset in Provence by Heather Boyd

“A” Section Projected Digital Images
• 3rd Enter If You Dare by Janet Hoggan
• 2nd Antelope Canyon by Vikki MacLeod
• 1st Golden Eye in the Morning by David Jones

Congratulations to those who were placed and thanks to all who entered images into the competition.

The club’s #3rd Monthly Competition was held on Thursday, 6th December 2018 and was judged by Roy Robertson, FRPS, who has previously held the post of President of the Royal Photographic Society.

It would be appreciated that members would remember that the maximum number of characters for an image title is 25. Also, Please remember that you follow Rule 2b.

Placings for #3 Competition

“B” Mono Prints
2nd Seconds Out by Dave Ferguson
1st Blue Velvet Noir by Dave Ferguson

“A” Mono Prints
2nd Contemplation 2 by Doug Ross
1st Giraffes Portrait by David Jones

“B” Colour Prints
2nd En Pointe Reflected by Dave Ferguson
1st Going Nowhere by Davy Miller

“A” Colour Prints
2nd The Lookout by David Jones
1st Glass & Beads by Agnes Clark

“B” Projected Digital Image
2nd Panoramic Kelpies by Dave Ferguson
1st Motmot by Michael Cox

“A” Projected Digital Image
2nd = Lathe Operator by Charles Woodford
2nd = Cromarty Rigs by Martin Ross
1st Starstruck by Vicki MacLeod

Thanks to all who entered their images and congratulations to those who were placed.


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Don McDougal Audio Visual Competition top 3 placings.

No data available.

Donald Polson “WILDLIFE” Competition

The Donald Polson Wildlife competition was judged on Thursday 17th January by Hunter Kennedy, MPAGB, ARPS,EFIAP, of Carluke Camera Club. Hunter is the SPF Immediate Past President and presently the SPF Judges Liaison Officer. At last years Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography, Hunter won a RPS Gold Medal.

• Frozen by Michael Cox
• My Fish by May Cruickshank
• Shimmering Gold by Heather Boyd
• Marching Kingfisher by Janet Hoggan
• Motmot by Michael Cox

Highly Commended
• Kestrel Eating Mouse by David Jones
• Rude Diner by Janet Hoggan

• Goldeneye in the Morning by David Jones

Congratulations to those who were placed and thanks to all who entered the competition.

Mono Print of the Year

No data available.

Colour Print of the Year

No data available.

Projected Digital Image of the Year

No data available.

Projected Digital Knock Out Competition

Runner Up
No data available.

No data available.

Five Way Competition, an annual event involving four other camera clubs in central Scotland.

We finished in second place, 1 point behind our friends at Stirling & District Camera

Scottish Photographic Federation Digital Championship,  held at the Stirling Court Hotel on Sunday 18th November.

The highlight of the event for our club was the award of an S.P.F. Silver Medal for Best Nature Image to David Jones for his photograph,  Red Kite Attack.  This is the second Silver Medal awarded to David within the past 3 years and is worthy recognition,  not only of his skill as a photographer,  but of his understanding of the behaviour of creatures in the wild.