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Falkirk Camera Club can be contacted either by attending one of its weekly meetings at Falkirk Bowling Club, Cochrane Street, Falkirk, FK1 1QB, at 7.30 each Thursday evening between September and April, or through one of the E-mail links opposite.

Google map : click on this link.

Falkirk Camera Club Contacts
President Steve Somerville Admin@Falkirk Camera Club
General Secretary Joan Clarke General Secretary@Falkirk Camera Club
Vice President Bob Black Admin@Falkirk Camera Club
Treasurer Agnes Clark Treasurer@Falkirk Camera Club
Internal Comp Secretary Bob Black Internal Comp Sec@Falkirk Camera Club
External Comp Secretary Iain Jamieson External Comp Sec@Falkirk Camera Club
Public Relations Allistair Kean Public Relations@Falkirk Camera Club
Web Controller Steve Somerville WebController@Falkirk Camera Club
Syllabus Secretary Arhlene Stewart Syllabussecretary@Falkirk Camera Club
Sub Committee members
Martin Stewart    
Norrie Robb