FCC – Don McDougal Audio Visual Competition

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1st February 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Falkirk Bowling Club
Cochrane St, Falkirk FK1 1QB

Audio-visual (A-V) is different from most other branches of photography. Making a good A-V sequence requires expertise in several disciplines which are outside the experience of most photographers. No longer is a judge looking at individual images, but is, hopefully, immersed in a story of some kind – using “story” in the widest possible sense. A- V has more in common with film and video than with single picture photography.
A-V should use pictures and sound to create a fantasy world and invite the audience in to it for a few minutes. At the end, the audience should be changed in some way – possessing new information, feeling relaxed, laughing, feeling angry etc….
Features which enhance this process – appropriate pictures and music, carefully chosen transitions etc., – are beneficial; features which destroy the mood – happy music which doesn’t match to gloomy pictures, repeated change of picture format, banal dialogue etc., -) are to be avoided.