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November 3rd 2018 to January 16th 2019

Falkirk Camera Club Annual Exhibition opens in Falkirk Town Hall on Saturday 3rd November.

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November 8th 2018


Monthly Competition No.2

November 10th 2018 (Saturday)


Lightroom Workshop

November 14th 2018

Our annual competition with Stirling & District C.C., starting at 7:30pm on 14th November at the Birds & Bees, Eastern Cornton Road, Stirling. FK9 5PB. The connection between F.C.C. and S&D C.C. goes back 60 years and is greatly valued by both of our Club’s so please come along.

November 15th 2018

Andrew Stark. My Life as a Professional Photographer.

Hand in Monthly Competition 3

November 22nd 2018

Frank Owens. Antarctica – Voyage of Discovery. 

Frank has provided an ‘aide memoire’ for anyone thinking of visiting Antarctica. View PDF

Frank joined the club in 2013. His photographic interests include landscape, aerial and travel photography. He has an interest in AV production too, and is a member of the Club’s AV group. He’s also a keen hillwalker, and admits he loves nothing more than a day’s walking in snow-clad hills, ice axe in one hand, a camera in the other. It was that passion for snow, ice and mountains that, three years ago, led him to join expedition ships firstly to Antarctica and then, a few months later, to the High Arctic. Tonight’s presentation, ‘Antarctica – Voyage of Discovery’ will touch on travel, wildlife, and landscape photography, with a large dollop of culture and history thrown in for good measure.

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Weekly Roundup 18th October 2018

Tom Docherty from Queens Park Camera Club brought an evening of nostalgia to Falkirk last week with a lecture entitled,  Eric Watt’s Glasgow.  Eric T. Watt,  1935-2005,  was a prolific photographer & lecturer,  and also a member at Queens Park.  He photographed life in Glasgow for over 50 years and bequeathed his portfolio to the city.  Tom has been instrumental in archiving several thousand photographs and is now able to present Eric’s work.  Street scenes in the Gorbals were reminiscent of the work of Bert Hardy and Oscar Mazaroli,  recording the old district although Eric continued to document the area as regeneration took place and,  in many ways,  failed.   Photographs of what we now know as Pacific Quay with its plethora of Media companies,  and photographs of the old Braehead Power Station,  near where the shopping centre now stands,  illustrated immense change in the city.  Eric’s photographs also recorded how ocean going shipping once docked just yards from the city centre.  Photographs of maintenance being carried out on the suspension footbridge leading across the Clyde to Calton Place pictured life before modern Heath & Safety regulations while Eric’s photographs of the old Fishmarket and the prices in Fruit & Vegetable shops emphasised  a way of life much changed.  During the 1960’s Eric photographed the last Tram to run in Glasgow,  the No 9.  The photograph was taken outside the Kelvin Hall which,  unbeknown to the photographer at the time,  would in later years house the city’s Transport Museum.  A few current Falkirk C.C. members warmly remembered Eric’s visit to our Club and more recent members were captivated by photographs of a city,  from the not too distant past.

Previous week

Last weeks lecture was delivered by Dave Ferguson  L.R.P.S.,   General Secretary at our Club and by profession,  a Crime Scene Examiner.   By taking photographs during his lecture,  Dave demonstrated how digital technology can be used to record exceptionally fine detail at an incident and,  how the results can then be used to inform any subsequent proceedings.  In particular he used an 8mm lens, then produced a 360 degree image of the audience while explaining which relevant points would be of interest.  Dave works mostly in Scotland but,  can be involved throughout the UK,  as well as attending natural disasters worldwide.  This lecture illustrated a sobering and serious side to photography.        

Preparations for our Annual Exhibition 2018 in the Gallery at Falkirk Town Hall are nearing completion.  Installation takes place soon with the exhibition opening on Saturday 3rd November.  Prints from all contributors,  including subjects from Landscape and Sport to Still Life,  are included and the Information Cards which proved so popular during our Genesis To Jubilee – The Story Of Falkirk Camera Club exhibition earlier this year have been enhanced and expanded.  This is the third exhibition staged by the Club during the past 12 months and contains another new feature too……….more on that at the exhibition.  Falkirk Town Hall is open most days,  please contact them to check times if you are travelling.

Feature Article

60th Anniversary

On 23rd March 1889, an article in the Falkirk Herald reported the formation of the Falkirk Amateur Photographic Association, formed with the objective of advancing photographic art and science in the district. The group underwent various incarnations and name changes until 17th April 1958 when it became the Falkirk Camera Club which we know today.  The 2017 – 2018 series of meetings is therefore the 60th season of the group under that moniker and the hub of our activities although in celebrating that achievement we are also recognising the contribution of the many, often pioneering, photographers who led the group to that stage. During the 1890’s some of those photographers gathered at Callendar House to record, what are now,  the earliest surviving photographs of that first group.

 They are held in the local history archives at Callendar House. On Saturday 14th October 2017, a representation of Club members gathered at the same spot where those late 19th century photographs were taken. The photographs taken on that day will also go into the archives along with short biographies from some of the present day Club members.  We hope that this information will be of interest to the historians of future generations. In the meantime we wonder, will the technology of 23rd century photography be as different from todays technology, as ours is different from the 19th century ?

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