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April 26th - September 6th 2018


Summer break. Back on the 6th September with our Welcome Night.

Royal Photographic Society (RPS) – Members Print Exhibition. Falkirk Town Hall 2nd to August to the end of September 2018. (please check that FTH is open and the exhibition is available prior to visiting.)

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Genesis To Jubilee – The Story of Falkirk Camera Club. 60th Anniversary Exhibition. (Now closed)

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Weekly Roundup

2017-18, Second Half Roundup

An evening with Designer and Photographer Stephen Cosh started 2018. His Street Photography illustrates the challenges faced by people in an often harsh environment and also just how much the personality of people is on display as we go about our lives. Stephen kindly offered to accompany anyone taking their first steps in this genre so, a few weeks later a small group met him in Glasgow for a very informative day of street photography. The weather intervened the following week when we had to cancel the meeting due to heavy snow but, resumed on 25th January with Donald Stewart F.R.P.S. Working in Black & White with a Medium Format film camera Donald’s finely crafted Prints, produced in his darkroom, focus on the Landscape. Often isolating a section of land, his photographs illustrate its story and among his portfolio is a series of photographs, taken over a period of years, documenting the deterioration of the remains of WWII coastal defence structures. A frequent visitor to the U.S.A., his evocative photographs of buildings in the small towns of North and South California told the story of lives lived in a challenging and difficult environment. Donald’s photographs of the buildings of the Navajo people, often constructed in almost inaccessible locations, communicated their immense cultural pride and strength. Their arid lands in the southwestern states of Utah and Arizona were shown in Donald’s photographs to be rocky, often mountainous landscapes where it was difficult to imagine how human beings could survive.

The Club’s A.V. Competition held in memory of Don McDougall took place on 1st February and was followed the following week by the 4th Monthly Competition of the season. On 15th February the title of the evening was 3 From 6. Photographers often go out in search of an object. It might be a Landscape, a Portrait or a Still Life but it’s usually an object of some sort. To explore a different approach, last year Club members had been given six themes and asked to submit up to 3 photographs illustrating up to 3 of those themes. The themes were Absence, Barely Visible, Beauty, Confrontation, Light & Shade and Soft & Sharp. The many contributions resulted in an enjoyable evening and 3 From 6 will feature again next season. The new set of themes are listed at the end of this article.

Later in February we held a practical Studio Lighting evening with members guided through the process starting with camera settings and the advantages of specific options. Next came the lighting itself and the advantages of positioning the lights to create depth within the subject. Members had the opportunity to try out different lighting set ups. Heavy snow caused another evening to be cancelled before Monthly Competition number 5 then, the Wildlife competition, held in memory of Donald Poulson. Around this time the final printing, mounting and framing of Prints for Genesis To Jubilee – The Story Of Falkirk Camera Club exhibition was completed. One of the most anticipated lectures of the season took place on 22nd March with a visit from Douglas Cooper, Chairman of the Association of Falkirk Astronomers and an experienced photographer of the night sky. Douglas began by explaining how light pollution, from areas of high population, was a consideration for astronomers and continued with an evening of stunning photographs of distant planets, stars and galaxies.

Genesis To Jubilee – The Story of Falkirk Camera Club exhibition opened to the public in The Gallery at Falkirk Town Hall on 31st March 2018. Curated by Allistair Kean from the Club’s archives researched and compiled by Geof Longstaff, the exhibition identified some of the members who founded the first photographic group in Falkirk in 1889, followed the progress of the group as it evolved into Falkirk Camera Club on 17th April 1958, then included excellent photographs by some of our most recent members.

April began with the annual collaboration between Falkirk Camera Club and Falkirk Writers Circle which first started almost 30 years ago. Each autumn the photographers send the writers some photographs from which they choose a selection. The writers then write prose or poetry inspired by those images. Now named Talking Pictures, the writers read their work against a background of the projected photograph which has been introduced by the photographer.

The Print & Projected Digital Image Of The Year evening took place on 5th April then, two days later, we held an event with invited guests in the Studio at Falkirk Town Hall to mark the 60th Anniversary of the group, under the moniker of Falkirk C.C. The Scottish Photographic Federation kindly devoted a significant amount of space on its Website and Newsletter about the Club’s history and celebrations then followed that up a few weeks later with a separate Newsletter article on the Club’s You Tube videos. A Quiz Night on 12th April had Club members answering questions about all things photographic while the A.G.M. took place the following week. A Presentation Night on 26th April brought one of the most momentous seasons in the history of the group to a close.

3 From 6 Topics For Season 2018 – 2019

Framed. Windows, Doors or Arches are just 3 examples of structures which allow us to explore the difference between each side of the structure. It could be indoors to outdoors, vice versa or both the same. That Frame may be constructed, like part of a building or, natural like the gap in a hedge. Alternatively, the Frame may be used as a surround to the scene within or, you may have another illustration ?

Opposites Attract. Try to photograph elements together which either might not normally be associated with each other or, are at opposite ends of a spectrum. Might be a bicycle and a Formula 1 car or it could be a still-life too.

Textures or Silhouettes. Light is the key to this one. Low angled light will often accentuate the texture in a surface whereas the light behind the subject can create a silhouette. Alternatively, the difference in texture between a leaf and a wall might be another approach.

Layers. Creating depth or recession within a photograph will often add interest. The Layers might be clearly defined like the tip of a pencil against an out of focus background or, they may be linked like a bridge curving round within the frame linking the foreground to the background.

Something Old, Something New. From an old family heirloom alongside a piece of modern furniture to a modern building beside a piece of classic architecture. Lots of scope here.

Window Shopping. Window displays can say a great deal about the retailer, the intended customer or the location of the shop. You might isolate one item or include many within the display or, you might include the surroundings and/or the customers.

Feature Article

60th Anniversary

On 23rd March 1889, an article in the Falkirk Herald reported the formation of the Falkirk Amateur Photographic Association, formed with the objective of advancing photographic art and science in the district. The group underwent various incarnations and name changes until 17th April 1958 when it became the Falkirk Camera Club which we know today.  The 2017 – 2018 series of meetings is therefore the 60th season of the group under that moniker and the hub of our activities although in celebrating that achievement we are also recognising the contribution of the many, often pioneering, photographers who led the group to that stage. During the 1890’s some of those photographers gathered at Callendar House to record, what are now,  the earliest surviving photographs of that first group.

 They are held in the local history archives at Callendar House. On Saturday 14th October 2017, a representation of Club members gathered at the same spot where those late 19th century photographs were taken. The photographs taken on that day will also go into the archives along with short biographies from some of the present day Club members.  We hope that this information will be of interest to the historians of future generations. In the meantime we wonder, will the technology of 23rd century photography be as different from todays technology, as ours is different from the 19th century ?

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