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E-News 203

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March 31st to April 28th 2018

Falkirk Town Hall 60th Anniversary Exhibition. Check out the  poster.

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Newsletter No.12

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March 15th @ 7:30pm - 9:30pm 2018


Donald Polson Wildlife Competition (PDI). This years judge is Ross Eaglesham.

Also Hand-In for Print and PDI of the year.

March 22nd 7.30pm 2018


The Williamson Trophy in Stirling

March 31st 2018

F.C.C. Member Offer………. On Saturday 31st March Falkirk play Musselburgh while the Falkirk 2nd XV play Kirkcaldy 2nd XV. Locations for these two matches have still to be agreed but one of them will be at Sunnyside, Dorrator Road, Falkirk. Entry is normally £10 and if you choose to have a pre-match lunch then the non-members fee is normally £20, including entry. Paul Morgan has negotiated entry with pre-match lunch at £15. Please make your bookings with Bob Black at F.C.C., payment required at time of booking. Closing date for booking is 17th March 2018. Please note, F.C.C. members attending this event need to have registered through F.C.C. to be covered by our insurance.



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January 19th to April 29th 2018


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is currently on at the National Museum of Scotland and is worth a visit. Check it out

March 28th @ 7:30pm - 9:30pm 2018

The FCC AV Group’s next meeting will now be on Wednesday March 28th – please note that this is a change to the previously announced change of date. As well as the usual mix of viewing AVs and some AV tips, the Group will be discussing the format of this summer’s project. So, if you’re a regular at the Group, please come along and have your day on the summer project (and bring any AVs you think the group would enjoy seeing – whether your own or ‘found’ on the internet) and if you’re not into AV production yourself (yet!) but fancy seeing what it offers then come along for the evening. You may well get ‘hooked’ on this branch of photography.

See Calendar for more details (if available)

Weekly Roundup

This 60th Anniversary season of the Club has flown by with remarkable speed as we realised last week with the 5th, and final, Monthly Competition before the Print & P.D.I. of the year evening. The Judge was Colin McLatchie A.R.P.S. from Eastwood Photographic Society who delivered his remarks with humour, clarity and a positive approach to all the entries. Stuart Pearson took first place in Monochrome Prints Section B with Time To Hang, a beautifully printed image of a clock protruding from the side of a building photographed in gentle lighting conditions yet with a full range of tones from a velvety black onwards. The Print will be on display in the Clubs 60th Anniversary exhibition opening in Falkirk Town Hall on 31st March. Little Owls Trio, an endearing image by Geof Longstaff, took first place in Section A. Another Black & White print with a full range of tones which captured the personality of the subjects. Colour Prints Section B was won by The Pack, a particularly striking image by Peter Graham while Doug Ross’s Jenna-Looking At You, a strong portrait, was first in Section A. Hammer Time, an impressive image by Michael Cox took first place in Projected Digital Image Section B. Geof Longstaff repeated his earlier success when I’d Prefer To Stand won Section A. Colin also judged the semi final of the season’s Knockout Competition. There were 4 very strong images in contention but David Jones and Geof Longstaff made it through to next month’s final.

Previous week

Last week’s meeting was cancelled due to bad weather.

Feature Article

60th Anniversary

On 23rd March 1889, an article in the Falkirk Herald reported the formation of the Falkirk Amateur Photographic Association, formed with the objective of advancing photographic art and science in the district. The group underwent various incarnations and name changes until 17th April 1958 when it became the Falkirk Camera Club which we know today.  The 2017 – 2018 series of meetings is therefore the 60th season of the group under that moniker and the hub of our activities although in celebrating that achievement we are also recognising the contribution of the many, often pioneering, photographers who led the group to that stage. During the 1890’s some of those photographers gathered at Callendar House to record, what are now,  the earliest surviving photographs of that first group.

 They are held in the local history archives at Callendar House. On Saturday 14th October 2017, a representation of Club members gathered at the same spot where those late 19th century photographs were taken. The photographs taken on that day will also go into the archives along with short biographies from some of the present day Club members.  We hope that this information will be of interest to the historians of future generations. In the meantime we wonder, will the technology of 23rd century photography be as different from todays technology, as ours is different from the 19th century ?

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