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December 20th @ 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Next meeting of the Falkirk AV Group, the final one for this year,  is on Wednesday December 20th at which we will host our friends from the Stirling AV Group. It is hoped to share some AVs from members of both groups as well as exchanging ideas, techniques etc.

November December

The annual Falkirk Town Hall Picture Exhibition started on Saturday the 4th November and runs to 22nd December. Falkirk Town Hall is not open every day. Please check with them before making a special effort to visit.

December 20th to January 11th @ 7:30pm - 9:30pm


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

January 8th @ 7:30pm - 9:30pm


FCC - Hand-in for D. McDougall Audio Visual Trophy. Send to Bob Black via Dropbox or we transfer by 6 am on Monday 8th January - Has to be with Judge by 9th January.

January 11th @ 7:30pm - 9:30pm

FCC - Stephen Cosh with " Street Photography".

Stephen Cosh is a 45 year old photographer and designer based in Scotland. Stephen discovered photography as a youngster but took a ten year hiatus from photography to follow a career in design, which in turn brought him back to photography. However it wasn’t until his mid-thirties that he picked up a rangefinder style camera and was introduced to street photography. His street work is gritty, personal and often dark and detached. His portrait work shows a deep connection, understanding and respect of his subjects, whether they be famous or homeless. His photography takes him all over the world, shooting both professionally and for recreation. His street work has been published internationally and his portrait work has allowed him to shoot many famous faces including HRH Prince of Wales. Stephen founded The Leica Meet in August 2013 along with Gavin Mills and Olaf Willoughby and the group now boasts over 13,000 international members and operates world wide

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Weekly Roundup

Monthly Competition nights are always popular,  presenting the opportunity for members to hear opinions on their work from an external judge.  This month the Club welcomed Andy Stark from Gryffe Camera Club in Renfrewshire making his first visit to Falkirk. Stuart Pearson turned an engine into a photograph and took first place in Mono Prints section B with Hondachrome. Geof Longstaff’s atmospheric Afternoon Moon Yellowstone won first place in Mono Prints section A. Martin Ross was first in Colour Prints section B with a creative interpretation of The Pine Trees while Colour Prints section A was won by a beautifully captured image of a Nuthatch by David Jones. A striking area of woodland and river was photographed by Janet Hoggan resulting in Inside The Devil’s Pulpit winning Projected Digital Image section B.  P.D.I. section A was won by David Jones who caught an ark of water droplets in House Sparrow Drinking.

Feature Article

60th Anniversary

On 23rd March 1889, an article in the Falkirk Herald reported the formation of the Falkirk Amateur Photographic Association, formed with the objective of advancing photographic art and science in the district. The group underwent various incarnations and name changes until 17th April 1958 when it became the Falkirk Camera Club which we know today.  The 2017 - 2018 series of meetings is therefore the 60th season of the group under that moniker and the hub of our activities although in celebrating that achievement we are also recognising the contribution of the many, often pioneering, photographers who led the group to that stage. During the 1890’s some of those photographers gathered at Callendar House to record, what are now,  the earliest surviving photographs of that first group.

 They are held in the local history archives at Callendar House. On Saturday 14th October 2017, a representation of Club members gathered at the same spot where those late 19th century photographs were taken. The photographs taken on that day will also go into the archives along with short biographies from some of the present day Club members.  We hope that this information will be of interest to the historians of future generations. In the meantime we wonder, will the technology of 23rd century photography be as different from todays technology, as ours is different from the 19th century ?

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