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Newsletter – September 2018

EXTERNAL COMPETITIONS (from the External compititons secretary)

We are looking for both PDIs and prints for the following competitions by the 18th October 2018,

Stirling Battle on 14 November 2018 in the The Birds and the Bees, Easter Cornton Road, Stirling.

SPF Digital Championships on the 18 November 2018 in the Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling.

SPF 5 Way on the 20th November 2018 in the Kilsyth & Old Burns Parish Church, 11 Church Street, Kilsyth.

Please send images (PDIs 1600px x 1200px max) to me using this form and/or bring prints to any club meeting.

Please don’t leave it to the last minute, I’ll be happy to receive them from now on.

September 27th 2018


Fiona Brims. I am not a wildlife photographer ..But 

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We are looking forward to the start of our new season at Falkirk Camera Club. I am sure there will be many of you who are keen to renew your membership on that night, so to ease the admin we have come up with a suggestion.

If you are techy minded and have the facilities, please open the membership form, print it off, complete and bring with your membership fee, this will be much appreciated.

There will also be the weekly fee of £2.50 to pay at the door along with your annual membership fee (£32 for adults and £16 for juniors). Where possible, please bring the correct change with you.

If you prefer to complete the form on the night we will have some available.

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Royal Photographic Society (RPS) – Members Print Exhibition. Falkirk Town Hall 2nd to August to the end of September 2018. (please check that FTH is open and the exhibition is available prior to visiting.)

See Calendar for more details (if available)

Weekly Roundup 20th September 2018

Club President Steve Sommerville opened last Thursday nights meeting by welcoming members old & new then,  before introducing the speaker for the evening,  handed over to Vice President Bob Black who outlined some of the options for Workshops which will run over the next few months.  Steve then introduced Nancy MacArthur,  a Club member for over 20 years and a particularly high achieving photographer.  

In recent years Nancy has been awarded a C.P.A.G.B. distinction by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and significantly,  been made an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. A regular exhibitor on the International Circuit,  Nancy is always the first to share her knowledge with new photographers and this was to be such an evening.  Her speciality is the photography of flowers.  Illustrating their life cycles and anatomy while interpreting their use of colour and texture are her motivation,  this results in a portfolio as informative as it is artistic.

Nancy uses natural light,  but,  in a studio environment.  This requires prompt reactions to a changing light source and brings highly individual images through impeccable technical control. Gently lit white flowers photographed against a white background were an impressive example of her skill.  Nancy explained her control of focusing,  shutter speed and aperture as well as the practicalities of working with the light to achieve the desired effect.  Being an enthusiastic gardener helps but Nancy searches far and wide to source unusual and captivating blooms.  She explained,  and her photography often communicates,   how the anatomy of different varieties of flower enables bees to enact pollination.  Nancy also works in Black & White where she combines light, shade and form with texture to create absorbing images of the botanical world.  An evening filled with memorable images coupled with Nancy’s understated delivery all contributed to an inspirational presentation. 

Previous week

The first visiting lecture of the season took place last week and it’s difficult to imagine a better start.  The Club welcomed Lenny Warren,  one of the country’s leading Press & Event photographers.  Lenny began by explaining how he started his career as a Medical Photographer before becoming a police Forensic Photographer.  After 15 years in that role Lenny moved into the newspaper industry as a Press photographer where his quick thinking and ability to create original story telling images brought success.  His photographs have featured in the leading UK titles as well as making their way around the world with the New York Times being one of the first international titles to publish his work.  Lenny illustrated his talk with a wide variety of photographs.  News events,  advertising,  major sporting occasions,  music concerts and the theatre,  actors, television and radio broadcasters all featured strongly with Lenny describing how each photograph had been conceived and how obstacles had been overcome.  Examples of commercial Video production added to the enjoyment of the evening with footage of Lenny at work in the studio being particularly interesting.  Lenny now operates his own Media company covering among others  Journalism,  Sport,    Business Portraiture,  Industrial & Commercial photography,  Advertising,  Event and Concert photography in both video and still picture formats.

Last season, the Club successfully nominated 4 Club members for Falkirk Council Arts Awards in appreciation of the recognition their photographs had brought to the District from outside the area as well as the contribution they had each made to the life of F.C.C.  Ian Mundie,  Peter Easton and Geof Longstaff received their awards at an Awards Evening in Falkirk Town Hall in March however,  last Thursday Club President Steve Sommerville was able to present Tom Bernard with his Award.  Allistair Kean,  an F.C.C. Honorary President,  readout the Nomination then spoke of Tom’s contribution to the Club.  Tom’s photographs had formed a major part of the Club’s entries to exhibition & competition throughout the UK.   Following an F.C.C. exhibition in Falkirk Town Hall,  Tom Bernard,  along with the late Tom Hunter,  had also been invited to stage an exhibition of their own work in that same location.  They were two of the,  very few,   F.C.C. members who have successfully  staged such an individual event.  In a Club with it’s origins in the late 19th century,  Tom’s photographs are among the most successful,  and started a period of success in the modern era. 

Feature Article

60th Anniversary

On 23rd March 1889, an article in the Falkirk Herald reported the formation of the Falkirk Amateur Photographic Association, formed with the objective of advancing photographic art and science in the district. The group underwent various incarnations and name changes until 17th April 1958 when it became the Falkirk Camera Club which we know today.  The 2017 – 2018 series of meetings is therefore the 60th season of the group under that moniker and the hub of our activities although in celebrating that achievement we are also recognising the contribution of the many, often pioneering, photographers who led the group to that stage. During the 1890’s some of those photographers gathered at Callendar House to record, what are now,  the earliest surviving photographs of that first group.

 They are held in the local history archives at Callendar House. On Saturday 14th October 2017, a representation of Club members gathered at the same spot where those late 19th century photographs were taken. The photographs taken on that day will also go into the archives along with short biographies from some of the present day Club members.  We hope that this information will be of interest to the historians of future generations. In the meantime we wonder, will the technology of 23rd century photography be as different from todays technology, as ours is different from the 19th century ?

See History for more information

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