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Annual Club Exhibition

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Falkirk Camera Club’s annual exhibition is now on at Falkirk Town Hall and will run until the end of March.

Cyanotype Workshop
Saturday 3 rd October 2020

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Next AV meeting is Monday 24th February.

PhotoEntry Summary

Knock Out Closed
Monthly 1 Closed
Monthly 2 Closed
Stirling Battle Closed
Monthly 3 Closed
The 5 Way Closed
Monthly 4 Closed
Monthly 5 Closed
3 from 6 Closed
Talking Pictures Closed
DP Wildlife Closed
SPF Print Open
MPoY (WF) Future
CPoY (EB) Future
PDIoY (SB) Future
The Williamson Future

Competitions Information

The Competition information up to the 6th February is now available on website. Any problems please use the link on the Photoentry page to advise the team.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
December 2019

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