Falkirk Camera Club

Stirling Battle 2019-20

Congratulations to Stirling who retained the Stirling Battle Trophy by 4 points. A full list of the scores are outlined below.

1179Stirling ClubWinter Dawn at Black Mount16
2438Falkirk ClubThe Cliff Road17
3828Stirling ClubDerelict Croft16
4988Falkirk ClubFlying off!17
51156Stirling ClubDinner Time18
61529Falkirk ClubHula Hoop Juggler17
71728Stirling ClubMoon over Loch Rusky17
81932Falkirk ClubThe Falls18
92081Stirling ClubThe Elegant Avocet16
102135Falkirk ClubTime worn17
112479Stirling ClubFood Fight (Magpies)16
122638Falkirk ClubModern Monet17
132786Stirling ClubStorm walk17
142877Falkirk ClubHeading Home17
153041Stirling ClubShake it Off18
163162Falkirk ClubNumber 316
173353Stirling ClubRum17
183501Falkirk ClubPoppy Lights18
193687Stirling ClubMeadow Pipit17
203942Falkirk ClubJuvenile Robin18
214011Stirling ClubThe End Of The Day19
224116Falkirk ClubDiscarded17
234431Stirling ClubMale Kingfisher with catch18
244584Falkirk ClubNight Bazaar16
254744Stirling ClubSunrise on Stob Dearg18
264800Falkirk ClubKelpie Planet18
274948Stirling ClubEpaulet Skimmer19
285318Falkirk ClubStarting Gun17
295389Stirling ClubSupper18
305527Falkirk ClubAbove the mist17
315782Stirling ClubI’m not sure about that18
326005Falkirk ClubKingfisher lucky day20
336438Stirling ClubBike Racer17
346587Falkirk ClubSteamin’17
356753Stirling ClubGondolas on Grand Canal17
367076Falkirk ClubElgol Evening16
377152Stirling ClubThe Ogle Burn17
387246Falkirk ClubThe Twig16
397531Stirling ClubMiniscule Reflection18
407661Falkirk ClubEnglish Rose20
417753Stirling ClubRed Kites Sparring16
428003Falkirk ClubJust Green16
438251Stirling ClubFishing the breakwater17
448506Falkirk ClubStreet Level17
458611Stirling ClubNone To Share (Red Kite)17
468850Falkirk ClubSunglasses On16
478931Stirling ClubSnowy owl18
489127Falkirk ClubThe Mint Seller17
499468Stirling ClubBad Hare Day18
509714Falkirk ClubSmall But Beautiful17
  Stirling ClubTotal433
  Falkirk ClubTotal429
  Stirling ClubAverage17.32
  Falkirk ClubAverage17.16