Summer Project

The Summer Project images.

Summer Project

Details of Falkirk Camera Club summer project ‘Topics and Techniques’

  1. It is not a competition and competition standard is not required.
  2. Open to all members.
  3. You can do all or some of the subjects, but the expectation is that you try them all.
  4. A team from the club will select images to show on a club night (possibly as an AV) and feature on the website. Images will be of mixed standard and interest (attention will be on 3 basic skills, Focus, Exposure and Composition). Some metadata may be shown to help understand how the picture was taken (Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, Focal Length).
  5. You are not expected to talk about your image.
  6. Standard PDI size applies (1600 x 1200px max).
  7. All images must be taken after the project start date (25/04/19).
  8. Only one image per topic per person to be submitted.
  9. Images can be submitted as a team or individual.
  10. The project is for fun and to encourage members to take pictures of subjects you may not normally consider and try some techniques that may be new to you.

Project Topics

Take an image of the following subjects,

  1. Religious building (inside if possible)
  2. Stately Home
  3. Iconic structure or building
  4. Flower
  5. Portrait
  6. Pet
  7. Bridge
  8. Stars at night
  9. Statue
  10. Organised Event
  11. Boat or Ship
  12. Castle
  13. Sunrise or Sunset
  14. Country Landscape
  15. Urban or Street scene
  16. Wild Bird
  17. Wild Animal
  18. Still Life
  19. Derelict Building
  20. Night scene

Project Techniques

Try one or all of the following techniques.

  1. HDR
  2. Focus stacking
  3. Long exposure

You may need access to appropriate software to achieve some of these techniques. If you are not sure of some of the techniques try the website (under Tips) or YouTube.

Details on how/when to submit images will be advised next season. File naming as follows,

SP19 ­_Topic no.__Member no._ Title.  E.g. SP19_01_98_St Giles Cathedral.

Have fun.