Weekly roundup

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – 13th February

Sincere thanks to everyone at Falkirk C.C. who entered into the spirit of Monthly Competition No 4,  which was Themed,  with such originality and enthusiasm.  Our competitions are usually open regarding subject matter so this was a departure from recent usual practice.  Many years ago one of each season’s Monthly Competitions had a Set Subject but,  having a Theme was something new for the majority of Club members.  

Two Themes had been set by the Club’s Honorary Members with the caveat that,  if entering,  they were not allowed to choose a Theme which they had nominated.  Members with a known speciality were also asked to apply a Theme to a different subject in this competition.  In order to try to equalise opportunity between new and established Club members,  entries also had to be taken between the opening night of this season and the competition hand-in date.  Speed  and  Image To Music  were the two Themes.

The judge was Doug Berndt  ARPS  EFIAP,  President at Edinburgh Photographic Society.  In addition to his technical adjudication on each entry,  Doug kindly commented on each photographer’s interpretation on the Theme and the message which they were illustrating.  His constructive and encouraging critique of each image was much appreciated by everyone.

Speed was illustrated using a variety of subjects including speeding trains and speeding people.  There were also thoughtful and clever photographs clearly illustrating speed but at a much slower pace.  Image To Music brought Spice,  Red Hot Chilly Peppers,  Chocolate and a very clever Singing Kettle  (  if you are resident in Scotland this last one will make sense ).

The winning entries are:

Monochrome Print,

Section B,  Me and My Shadow,  Elaine Woodford

Section A,  Space Oddity,  Geof Longstaff CPAGB

Colour Print,

Section B,  What’s New Pussycat,  Elaine Woodford

Section A,  A Whiter Shade Of Pale,  Joan Clarke


Section B,  Tightrope,  May Cruikshank

Section A,  Conversation,  Allistair Kean

Looking Ahead 

The Club’s Annual Exhibition continues in The Gallery at Falkirk Town Hall.  

Many people in the UK and beyond are currently experiencing some very challenging weather conditions.  If that applies to you,  wherever you are,  then our thoughts are with you.


Take care.  


Weekly Roundup 6th February 2020

An Honorary President of the Club, Allistair Kean, arranged last Thursday nights evening on the theme of 3 From 6. Club members had been given 6 topics last year with a request that they choose 3 from which to produce photographs. The topics were: Self Portrait; Commuting; Exasperation or Determination; Interpret A Book Title; Hope; and White. The photographs had been submitted in January and on Thursday night selected images were projected while the photographer explained their inspiration for talking that photograph and how they had interpreted their chosen theme. The audience then joined in with a discussion on the positive elements of each image. There were some highly original interpretations of each theme and the photographers often took the opportunity to expand on their use of the medium.

Interpret A Book Title brought some thought provoking results, in particularly from Charles Woodford’s photograph of The Goldfinch representing the novel of the same name. Iain Jamieson, Stuart Pearson and Jim Falconer each produced original Self Portraits while Elaine Woodford’s images of Commuting in Tokyo illustrated that densely populated city. Derek Forrest’s interpretations of Commuting were both creative and expertly executed and Bob Black’s commute from mainland to oil rig was spectacular. White was a photographically challenging subject in which Nancy MacArthur and Vikki MacLead excelled. Joan Clarke turned to her garden to interpret Hope while May Cruikshank photographed the Determination of a young generation. Like most means of self-expression, there are many competitions in photography but this non-competitive event is designed to encourage interpretation of a theme and generated some wide ranging discussion. Many thanks to everyone who attended and participated.

Annual Exhibition

This was the first full week of this season’s Annual Exhibition which is open to the public in The Gallery at Falkirk Town Hall. 40 Photographs represent the latest work of Club members and, in addition, we are pleased to support 2020 as Year Of Scotland’s Coast and Waters with a selection of photographs on that theme.

Looking Ahead

Next Thursday brings the adjudication of Monthly Competition No 4. In a change from our usual practice of not stipulating the subject matter, entrants for this competition had a choice of two themes. Image To Music and Speed. The judge is Doug Berndt A.R.P.S., E.F.I.A.P., President of Edinburgh Photographic Society.

Next Sunday, the Scottish Photographic Federation Print Championship is held in Stirling. It’s an opportunity to meet up with friends from other clubs and see the latest work from many other photographers.

Take care.