Weekly roundup

Weekly Roundup

Closed Season 2019

It’s been a busy “close” season here at Falkirk C.C.

While the successful exhibition of photographs by David Jones has just closed at Falkirk Town Hall, the Summer Of Photography at F.T.H. continues with The Royal Photographic Society, Scottish Members Print Exhibition 2019. It runs until 29th August 2019 at Falkirk Town Hall, West Bridge Street, Falkirk. FK1 5RS. F.T.H. is open most days and in the evening before entertainment events. If travelling please check opening times on: 01324 – 506177. Our thanks to our friends at Falkirk Community Trust for their help.

The Royal Photographic Society is an educational charity founded in the United Kingdom in 1853 and today comprises over 12,000 photographers worldwide.

Each year, R.P.S. members based in Scotland assemble a touring exhibition of 40 Prints representing their latest work. To encourage a variety of photographic styles and subjects, only 1 Print per photographer is allowed and this year the exhibition travels from Shetland to Dumfries including this month in Falkirk.

A Still Life entitled Faded Beauty by Agnes Clark L.R.P.S. featured in last years exhibition and a Print by Agnes has again been selected in 2019. Just Green is also a Still Life and follows a theme this photographer has developed during her membership at Falkirk Camera Club over recent years. The exhibition features a variety of subjects from Still Life to Portraiture and Landscape including both Black & White and Colour Prints.

As previously mentioned in Weekly Roundup the topics for the F.C.C. member’s Summer Project and also for 3 From 6 are each under yellow tabs on the Notice Board page on this website. As we approach Festival, Festival Fringe and Book Festival time in Edinburgh and Fringe By The Sea in North Berwick there will be no shortage of photographic opportunities during August.

The Falkirk C.C. Syllabus for season 2019 – 2020, beginning in just a few weeks time, will appear on this website later in August with Workshops and Studio events being arranged following consultation with Club members after the start of the new season. In the meantime choose the Information tab then select Calendar to see dates of Strathcarron Hospice events which F.C.C. photographers are invited to support, please contact the Public Relations Secretary.

We have one piece of Hold The Front Page news. A photograph by David Jones, African Jacana, has been selected by the Scottish Photographic Federation as part of their entry in the Photographic Alliance Of Great Britain’s Inter Federation competition. Choose the Competitions tab, select Images, then click on Images 2018-2019 and scroll down near to the bottom of the page to see African Jacana.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and we look forward to seeing new and existing F.C.C. photographers soon.

January to April 2019, Roundup

2019 got underway with a visit from Peter Paterson F.R.P.S., M.P.A.G.B., M.F.I.A.P. Peter serves on the A.R.P.S. Panel and also the F.R.P.S. Fine Art Distinction Panel of the Royal Photographic Society. His presentation on Yellowstone In Winter & Spring and Alaska was one of the most anticipated of the season and, as expected, Peter’s images were a masterclass in the art of photography. This was an inspirational start to 2019.

The following week Hunter Kennedy M.P.A.G.B., A.R.P.S., E.F.I.A.P., Immediate Past President of the Scottish Photographic Federation visited Falkirk to judge the club’s Wildlife Competition. This is held annually in memory of Donald Polson, former F.C.C. photographer with a passion for photographing the natural world and for freely passing on his knowledge to others. The competition was instigated in 1998 to encourage Club members to try this challenging type of photography and, over the past 20 years, the Club now has some highly proficient natural history photographers. You will find the winning images under: Competitions > Images then choose Wildlife D Polson.

On 24th January Michael Cox, F.C.C. photographer and ornithologist with an ambition to witness 50% of all bird species on the planet, delivered a fascinating lecture on the natural history of India. Home to 1.3 Billion people and over 12% of the estimated 10,000 species of bird life on the planet Michael’s description of the economics and statistics of the country painted an astonishing picture. Michael also brought along a valuable aid to natural history photographers working in challenging conditions………Leech Socks !

The Club’s A.V. Competition held in memory of Don McDougall took place in early February. Don loved discussing and sharing his art, was always willing to explain his techniques to help others and always among the first to study and embrace new technology. Joan Clarke took 1st Place for the second year running. Her sequence Met-Al-Loa took us to the many Andy Scott sculptures around the town of Alloa with music to set the atmosphere of the area and much technical information on the structures. 3 From 6 followed. Photographers often go out in search of a subject. It might be a Landscape, a Portrait or a Still Life but it’s usually a specific subject of some sort. To explore a different approach, last year Club members had been given 6 themes and asked to submit up to 3 photographs illustrating up to 3 of those themes. The many contributions resulted in an enjoyable evening and 3 From 6 will feature again next season. The themes for 3 From 6 for the 2019-2020 season, and also the Summer Project, are both listed under their respective yellow tabs on the Notice Board page.

The penultimate Monthly Competition of the season took place the following week and was followed by Keith Edmunds, a wildlife artist using Drawing, Painting and Photography to convey his love of the natural world. The variety of species of Birds of Prey within central Scotland is much wider than most of us would imagine and Keith records their lives in great detail.

Commercial photographer Vincent Hartman then visited to lecture on, and demonstrate Time-Lapse photography. Vincent spoke about his photography during the first half of the evening then, after the coffee break, we returned to look at the result of the Time-Lapse process which Vincent had initiated at the start of the evening. The sequence was downloaded from camera to computer then, the chronology of the past 2 hours unfolded on the screen within 2 minutes. Club members were seen arriving in some haste, departing for the coffee break at some speed and, everyone was captured engrossed in Vincent’s lecture.

During March Professor Professor Stephen Phillips MBE judged the final Monthly Competition of the season then Hamish Williamson provided a fascinating evening presenting the history of some well known Glasgow buildings including information on the architects and photographs of the designs and details which they included in their structures, often, above eye level.

A Member’s Night at F.C.C. is often one of the most informative nights of the season and the one held in March was no exception. Steve Sommerville demonstrated a number of Photoshop techniques including how to remove a colour cast of the type often found in older family prints. Removing Chromatic Aberation was the next procedure as the audience was guided through this method of improving the colour quality of a photograph. How To Improve Skin Tones was next on Steve’s list followed by a new method of removing unwanted people or objects from photographs. Each step was clearly explained, and questions from the audience answered, during this highly informative demonstration.

Almost 30 years ago, Falkirk Writers Circle and Falkirk Camera Club met through their respective representatives at meetings of Falkirk & District Arts & Civic Council. They realised that Photography and Writing can each be used for similar purposes and so began an annual collaboration. The photographers give the writers a selection of photographs from which they make a selection then produce pieces of poetry or prose inspired by those images. During its early years the event took the form of an exhibition with photographs and writing being displayed together. There was then a gap of a few years due to the loss of the exhibition space however, 10 years ago the event returned in its present form. Now titled Talking Pictures, both groups meet together one evening in March. Against the backdrop of the projected photograph each photographer explains their motivation for producing their image followed by the writer who will read their piece of poetry or prose. The writing can be serious or entertaining, thought provoking or amusing, but the joy for the photographers is to hear how the skill and imagination of the writers has been set in motion by their images. Thanks are due to members of both groups for an absorbing and enjoyable evening.

That brought us to the Print & Projected Digital Image Of The Year evening. Judging any form of self expression is never an easy task but this year we were privileged to welcome Libby Smith MPAGB, EFIAP, Hon PAGB, Hon SPF to fulfil that role. As her distinctions signify, Libby is a prolific and successful exhibitor and judge on the International Exhibition circuit in addition to holding Executive posts with the Scottish Photographic Federation and the Photographic Alliance Of Great Britain. Libby’s choices can be found under the Competitions tab > Images, then select either Colour Print Of The Year, Mono Print Of The Year, or PDI Of The Year.

When photography was a chemical medium Composite photography, the art of bringing people, objects or landscapes from different photographs together to form a new and created image existed but, was not particularly common outside of specialised practitioners. Al Buntin A.R.P.S., M.P.A.G.B. was such a photographer so, when the medium became a largely digital pursuit his opportunities to innovate changed considerably. An artist, working in Acrylic and Watercolour and a member at Dundee Photographic Society, Al has been a photographer for over 35 years. His inspirational lecture was a fitting event for one of the final evenings of the season.

The Annual General Meeting and the Presentation Night were then the final two evenings of this season. F.C.C. photographers have achieved success in national and international exhibitions and competitions and, closer to home, featured regularly in the In The Picture spot in the Falkirk Herald. During June and July an F.C.C. photographer, David Jones, will hold a solo exhibition of his photographs in The Gallery at Falkirk Town Hall contributing to a summer of photography as he is followed in August by the annual Print Exhibition from Scottish Members of the Royal Photographic Society in the same venue.

Our Syllabus for the club season from September 2019 to April 2020 will appear on this website in late August 2019 so, if you are interested in photography you will be most welcome to join us.