3 from 6

3 From 6, 2019-2020 (now complete)

In 3 From 6 we ask F.C.C. members to submit up to 3 Projected Digital Images from the following 6 topics. This is not a competition and the P.D.I.’s can be on different topics or, all the same topic. Details on where to submit your P.D.I’s will be forwarded early next season and there will be a 3 From 6 night in the 2019-2020 Syllabus. Visitors to our website looking for a personal project might like to try too.

The topics are:

Self Portrait.

Whether captured with a Mobile ‘Phone or a Camera there are many ways of representing yourself and remember, a self portrait doesn’t need to include your face.


The commute to work happens in all sorts of weather conditions, all year round on every means of transport available. People walk, cycle, carshare, use the boat, bus or train and perhaps even an aircraft.

Exasperation or Determination.

Photograph that moment when the going gets tough or, when the tough get going.

Interpret a Book Title.

Think of a favourite or familiar book then produce a photograph which interprets the title.


Positive or poignant, produce a photograph to signify optimism for the future.


Photograph something white. Can you retain the texture or detail or, will it be impressionistic ?