3 from 6

3 From 6,  2020 – 2021

 In  3 From 6   F.C.C. members can submit up to  3  Projected Digital Images from the 6 topics listed below.  This is not a competition and the P.D.I.’s can be on different topics or,  all the same topic.  Or,  you might want to submit less than 3.  Depending on how many are received,  a selection will be made from the submissions and on  3 From 6  night you can either introduce your own images or,  that can be done on your behalf.  A  3 From 6  option is now available in Photoentry.  Please submit your images by 14th January 2021 and please also get in touch with any questions.  

The topics are: 

Unique Reflections.           

Reflections are a common subject for photographers but,  what is a Unique Reflection ?  That’s up to you.

 In A Garden.             

We have seen inspirational and outstanding photographs produced by F.C.C. photographers during lockdown which hopefully have inspired us all to try something different.  From the vibrant colour of a summer bloom to its eventual withered form  (sepia, selenium or split toned maybe ?)  or maybe the wildlife that visits your garden or calls it home ?  A lot of scope with this one.   

 Fruit or Veg.     

In  B & W  or Colour,  cooked or uncooked.  Search online for Still Life photographs by Edward Weston for inspiration.


Most of us have spent much more time at home this year,  what does it mean to us.  Alternatively,  it might be someone or something else’s home.


An often poignant but sometimes positive state.  Plenty of it around at present.

 Shakespeare,  Burns,  Thomas or Heaney.                       

Take the title of a book,  play,  poem or song from William, Robert, Dylan or Seamus.  Perhaps take a line from their writing  (or an adaptation)  and turn it into something visual.