Summer Project

The Summer Project 2020-21.

Summer Project 2020-21

Details of Falkirk Camera Club summer project ‘Anything Goes’

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions this year’s summer project will be open to any subject you can manage to photograph. Ideally images should be taken this summer but under the current restrictions you can submit any image not already viewed by the club membership.

Updated notes

  1. It is not a competition and competition standard is not required.
  2. Open to all members.
  3. You can select any subjects, and submit up to 20 images.
  4. All images will be compiled into a slideshow to be shown on a club night (or via the website if meetings are not possible). Members are asked to concentrate on the basic skills, Focus, Exposure and Composition. Some metadata will be shown to help understand how the picture was taken (Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, Focal Length as we did in 2019-20).
  5. You are not expected to talk about your image.
  6. Standard PDI size applies (1600 x 1200px max).
  7. All images should ideally be taken after the project start date (25/04/20) but under the circumstances can be any image not seen by the club membership.
  8. Please try to vary the subjects.
  9. Again due to the circumstances images should be submitted as individuals not teams.
  10. The project is for fun and to encourage members to take pictures of subjects you may not normally consider and try some techniques that may be new to you.

Project Techniques

Members are encouraged try some different photographic techniques.

  1. Focus stacking
  2. Long exposure
  3. Back button focusing
  4. HDR
  5. Macro
  6. Histogram for exposure (if your camera has this feature).

You may need access to appropriate software to achieve some of these techniques. If you are not sure of some of the techniques try the website (under Tips) or YouTube.

We will use PhotoEntry to gather images once the 2020-21 season has been set up.

Have fun.