Closing date for 3 from 6

18th January 2024 @ 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm Europe/London Timezone

3 from 6

Here are 6new topics for season 2023 – 2024’s  3 From 6.  A sectionfor submissions will appear on PhotoEntry in due course.  Rememberthis is not a competition and you can submit up to 3 photographs of the sametopic,  or different topics,  or a combination of topics.  Thephotographs may have been taken at any time.  Closing date forsubmissions is 18th January 2024 and the photographs will be shown on 3 From 6night a few weeks later.

  • Fill the Foreground  –  Add depth to your photograph by having something of interest in the foreground.
  • Botanical –  Capture something more than just a bunch of flowers.  It could be the structure,  tone or colour of any form of plant life from leaves to bushes or flowers to trees.  It may be forming or withered in Black & White,  Colour,  or perhaps Toned ?
  • Blustery Weather  –  Convey the atmosphere of the wilder side of weather,  but stay safe while doing so  !
  • Photograph a Film Title  –  Choose a film title and represent it on a photograph.  Something like Goldfinger might be colourful,  Duck Soup might be a bit surreal although think twice about The Dambusters.
  • Modern Metropolis  –  It’s not too difficult to find photographs in a busy town or city.  Illustrating a modern aspect,  which may or may not be welcome,  is slightly different. 
  • On My ‘Phone  –  Might be a photograph specifically taken on your ‘phone,  or something you saw when you didn’t have your usual camera with you.