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The next activity at the club is our monthly competition three on Thursday 14th December. Members have submitted images on two themes; macro/close-up and street photography.

Falkirk Camera Club

Falkirk Camera Club was initially established in 1889 under the name of Falkirk Amateur Photographic Association which brought together a few keen enthusiasts at the dawn of photography. Since then the club has taken various names and finally adopted the current title in 1958. More on the history of the club can be found by clicking on the History button above.

Falkirk Camera Club boasts a full season of activities, ranging from guest speakers and presentations, competitions, practical workshops, and photographic days out. FCC meets on a Thursday evening each week, September to April, when we hold a number of events. We may have a guest speaker, hold internal competitions, host external competitions with another Camera Club or have one of our members’ evenings where we invite members to bring in their own equipment to discuss photographic or camera issues. The first day of each new year session normally consists of a quick resume and get together with the opportunity for potential new members to get to know members and the format of the club.

If you have any suggestions on topics, locations, or give presentations yourself then please contact a member of the club through the Contact Us web page.

Meetings are at Falkirk Bowling Club, Cochrane Street, Falkirk, FK1 1QB, are normally every Thursday during our season.

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