Themed Monthly Competition No. 4, Final Hand-In Date, 21st January 2021 

During the meeting of 17th September, F.C.C. members voted on a choice of Themes for Monthly Competition No 4. As with last year there is a choice for all entrants of two Themes. 

1. Contré Jour – Literally translated as ‘against the light’. When photographing into the light you may want to highlight any rim lighting on a subject or include, or not, some of its texture. The light rays themselves may form part of the image too. Plenty of scope either for days when a winter sun is low in the sky or for artificial lighting. 

2. Framed – Windows, Doors or Arches are just 3 examples of structures which allow us to explore the difference between each side of the structure. It could be indoors to outdoors, vice versa or both the same. That Frame may be constructed, like part of a building or, natural like the gap in a hedge. Alternatively, the Frame may be used as a surround to the scene within or, you may have another illustration? 

Notes • Entries must be taken between 17th September 2020 and 21st January 2020 inclusive. • If a Theme matches the speciality of any entrant, then they must choose the alternative Theme. If both Themes match an entrant’s speciality subjects, then the entrant should contact the Internal Competition Secretary for guidance. • Club Members who voted on each Theme should choose the alternative Theme if entering the competition. If the alternative Theme happens to match a specialist subject, then the Club Member should contact the Internal Competition Secretary for guidance. • In the case of Themes with a broad interpretation, entrants with a particular area or expertise, perhaps described as a speciality subject, must enter the competition using a different subject. Please contact the Internal Competition Secretary with any queries.