Monthly Comp. No 4 (Themed)

Advanced notice of the themed competition is to provide you some extra thinking time for your submission(s).

1. Urban Abstract (Colour or Mono, subject of your choice)

One of the great advantages which the urban landscape has over the rural landscape, is the sheer diversity of images that can be taken at one location and the variety of abstract views that are to be discovered by the keen eye.

Think in terms of shape, patterns, details, lines, colour, reflective surfaces, architecture, architectural features, light & shadow.

2. Square Format (Colour or Mono, choose a subject not in your specialised genre)

The square format, where the equal-sided frame is symmetrical vertically, horizontally and diagonally, generally produces a sense of harmony and balance.

Composing a square image takes care and thought. If your camera allows select the 1:1 ratio in live view to help with your composition, if not, be careful when composing your image to allow you to create a successful crop later.


  • Entries must be taken between 2nd September 2021 and 20th January 2022 inclusive.

  • For Theme 2, entrants should photograph a topic other than their specialist genre.