AV Meetings

Next AV Group Meeting

All AV Group meetings have been cancelled until further notice due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Audio Visual Group

The Audio Visual Group, hosted by Geof Longstaff, holds its meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in Falkirk Bowling Club and aims to promote Audio Visual sequences by informing, educating and entertaining in a sharing, sociable way. Photography is used for many different purposes and the Audio Visual presentation is perhaps the most dynamic means of communicating your personal interpretation of a location, of telling a story or of presenting your business or topic. Bring along your laptop or memory stick with any AV’s (even if under construction) or, just bring along your questions and curiosity about this versatile medium.The group meets during the club term with the usual £2.50 fee per night as a contribution towards the hall costs.

FCC AudioVisual Group : Winter Project

Theme : Winter

Format : All entrants to submit 3 images – landscape format with long side = 1600 px – on the theme of winter. Images could have been taken at any time and in any country.

Using the 24 submitted images, you are to create an AV which incorporates all of these images at least once; with no additional images allowed. Soundtrack is the creator’s choice and can be music only or with voiceover and/or sound effects. Manipulation of images is allowed. No max/min time constraints.

Closing Date : Given the the coronavirus situation, there will be no face-to-face meetings of the AV Group nor do I intend hosting any online substitute meetings. Therefore entries will be shown at the first face-to-face AV Group meeting of the season. Whenever this is scheduled to take place please bring your completed AV’s to that meeting – or give to Geof prior to that date if you cannot attend in person.